When you’re launching a brand, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. These guys get it right first time, everytime.

Brenda Adrian

The quality of their work has
never been less than outstanding. It has literally put us on the map.

Jack Eaves

They are the Rock Stars of Graphic Design.

Matthew Ellis
Head of Regional Creative

Nothing fazes them. Once I’ve briefed them I can sit back and relax knowing a great job is as good as done.

Harry Dromey
Global Director of Brand Marketing

They worked closely with us to understand our ethos, our business values and our message. The result was a brand identity that fitted us perfectly.

Nick Mohan
Co-Founding Director

They totally get involved, which means you get creative solutions that are nothing short of spectacular.

Howard Bradley
Enterprise & Former Deloitte Board Level Interim Consultant

Their understanding of brands like ours - and how great design can bring them to life is second-to-none.

Adam Johnson
Chief Marketing Officer

These guys have that rare ability of simply “getting it”. The best work we have ever had done. I was blown away!

Matt Kendrick

Big ideas.
Big difference.

No fancy offices. No overpaid suits. No big egos. At Bang On Brand - that's BOB to our friends - we like to keep it real.

Our core team consists of just four people. Committed, creative, professional and of course, hilariously funny (don't worry, the wit comes free of charge).

But here's the clever bit...

Beyond this awesome foursome lies a pool of specialist contacts so wide and so diverse there's literally nothing BOB can't deliver. To you, that means the confidence of knowing that, whether you're looking for a simple logo design or a high-impact, knock-their-socks-off launch campaign complete with PR, you'll only pay for those services you actually use.

In other words, you'll get a lot more Bang On for your buck.

It’s all about

That's the bottom line and it's something BOB never forgets. However massive or miniscule your project, you can be sure we'll give it everything we've got. And because you'll be talking directly to our designers themselves, nothing will be lost in translation.

We’ll listen, we’ll learn, we’ll get you.
And you’ll get the Bang On creative you deserve.